If I want to know how I am doing at managing people,
maybe I should ask the people I manage!
Just Ask!

You  have  invested  in  the  360° feedback process  to
obtain the information you need to be more succesful-
as an organization,
as an individual.

Now that we have invested in the 360° feedback process,
how do we get the most benefit from it?
Just Ask!

As an organization – Provide the critical support for the people participating.
As an individual – Follow up throughout the year with those you work with.

Now that I have my feedback, what do I do with it?
Just Ask!

Ask others for suggestions on how you can improve.

How do I make the changes people are suggesting I make?
Just Ask!

Ask others to monitor your progress throughout the year.

How do we create an environment in which
people feel comfortable sharing information?
Just Ask!

Ask others to assist you in creating and maintaining that environment.

360°Feedback is a Process, not an Event.