If I want to know how I am doing at managing people,
maybe I should ask the people I manage!

You have invested in the 360º feedback process as a means to help your executives and managers identify behavioral issues that get in the way of their effective leadership.

I will train and coach your colleagues to use their feedback to make personal behavioral changes that lead to increased personal and organizational effectiveness and productivity.

Now that we have invested in the 360° feedback process,
how do we get the most benefit from it?

Too often, organizations will terminate their participation in the 360º Feedback process because the executives and managers fail to follow up on the feedback they receive.

I provide support to individuals and organizations to ensure that the 360° feedback process achieves lasting success.

I train and coach executives and managers how to address the most important part of the 360º feedback process: “Now that I have my feedback, what do I do with it? How do I make the changes people are asking me to make?”

Now that I have my feedback, what do I do with it?

I recommend going back to the people who filled out the questionnaire and meeting with each, one-on-one, and asking for suggestions on how to improve in the areas in which they want to improve.

I train and coach individuals on how to engage in that process.

How do I make the changes people are suggesting I make?

I recommend that these discussions continue periodically throughout the year.

I train and coach individuals on how to ask questions, seek additional information and respond positively to the feedback they receive.

How do we create an environment in which people feel comfortable sharing information?

You and your organization will benefit from the comments, suggestions and constructive criticism of others in your organization.

I provide group training and individual coaching to assist you in identifying the organizational defenses that get in the way of a “safe” environment for communications.

360° Feedback is a Process, not an Event

Too often people view 360°feedback as one-time event that provides important information to executives and managers to help them be more effective leaders. As a result, there is little or no follow up on that feedback.

I teach organizations and individuals to view 360° feedback as a process and how to maintain organizational and individual support for that process.